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New Executive Coaching Program

Get the Support You Need to Accelerate Your Performance

Don't let early mistakes get in the way of your long-term success. Get the INSIDE scoop you need to avoid pitfalls and successfully navigate your role as a new member of the executive team.

If you are transitioning into a role as Chief, Vice President, or Director, this program is for you! 

As you step into senior management or executive leadership, you're thrust into a world where the stakes are higher, the decisions weightier, and the landscape more complex.

That's why your transition from managing tasks to leading people and initiatives, developing strategies, and overseeing large budgets requires a shift in mindset, skillset, and perspective.

Many new executives grapple with a myriad of challenges: establishing credibility and authority, fostering collaboration among peers, navigating office politics, and driving strategic initiatives amidst uncertainty. Moreover, the pressure to deliver results while maintaining team morale and engagement can feel overwhelming.

That's where I come in.

My comprehensive 3-month coaching program is specifically designed to support new executives as they navigate this critical transition. Through a combination of group coaching sessions and private one-on-one coaching, I provide the guidance, tools, and strategies you need to thrive in your new executive role.

In our group coaching sessions, held three times each month, you'll connect with a community of peers facing similar challenges. Together, we'll explore key leadership principles, share insights and best practices, and collaborate on real-world scenarios. These sessions offer a supportive space for learning, growth, and mutual encouragement.

In addition to the group sessions, you'll also benefit from one group huddle and three private one-on-one coaching sessions. During these sessions, we'll delve into your specific challenges, goals, and aspirations, tailoring our discussions and strategies to your unique needs. Whether it's honing your communication skills, building high-performing teams, or getting over anxiety or fears, I'll provide the personalized support and guidance you need to succeed.

My coaching approach is rooted in emotional intelligence, relationship building, and strategic thinking. Together, we'll co-create a roadmap for your leadership journey, equipping you with the skills, confidence, and resilience to navigate the complexities of senior management.


Your Executive Launchpad Coaching Program includes:

- A three-month Group Coaching Program

- Nine (9) 60-minute group coaching sessions, fostering peer learning and collaboration (3 sessions each month)

- Three (3) private one-on-one coaching sessions (one session each month).

- A total of 12 coaching sessions over the course of the program.

- Two (2) onboarding assessments, resources, materials, and exercises.

- Access to an online community to connect with fellow participants, discuss issues, and support one another during your coaching journey.

- Fee $1500 (can be paid in installments).

- Next Session: June thru August 2024

- Cohort limited to 20 participants


Join us as we embark on a transformative journey of growth, discovery, and leadership excellence. Together, we'll navigate the challenges, seize the opportunities, and unlock your full potential as a leader. Your journey to executive leadership starts here!

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